Your Cars Airbags: I bet you didn’t know…

Airbag Fun Facts

Here are some neat Facts about your cars Airbag that I bet you didn’t know.


  • The first model sold that had airbags was the Oldsmobile Toronado in 1973.
  • The first car in the world which was equipped in standard feature with front airbags was the Porsche 944 Turbo in 1987.
  • In the beginning the airbag was not seen as an additional safety factor of safety belts. The air bag inventor actually wanted to replace the uncomfortable seatbelts.
  • The airbag moves up to 4500 mph within a second when deployed.  A force of 200g is generated. They are designed to explode at an impact speed of 19 mph. The bag inflates within 40 milliseconds of a crash.
  • Airbags have saved more than 1,700 lives in the world. Since 1995 airbags have been deployed in vehicles more than 800,000 times.
  • If your car is going more than 200 MPH the airbags will deploy
  • The airbags inflate from the electronic sensors. It senses the sudden deceleration.
  • 11 percent of fatal injuries can be reduced because of an airbag.
  • If you think the airbags are used to replace seat belts, you are wrong:  The seat belts decrease the the injury on the chest and the head. If you don’t have the seat belt and only the airbags, you can experience fatal injuries.

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