Would you drive a car upside down?

The idea seems preposterous, the kind of stunt seen in dumb action movies huh? Look it’s a proven fact.

Would You drive a car Upside Down?

The Science Behind It

Science has actually assured us that it is possible for a car to drive on the ceiling. Race Cars, especially ones used in Formula One racing, they are designated with inverted wings. They work the opposite way then aircraft wings, they generate down force instead of lifting.  While it might seem wrong in relation to high speeds the down force has practical use. If you notice the F1 cars take corners at a velocity that would send them flying off the road. All one would need to drive upside down is to generate a down force that is equal or greater than it’s own weight. Yes, driving upside down would disorient the man behind the wheel and of course the cars ending and components would need to be designed to operate upside down.

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