Tips For Proper Tire Maintenance


Tips For Proper Tire Maintenance

Tips For Proper Tire Maintenance  

Learn to inspect your tires. Look at the depth of the remaining tread, while you are looking for uneven wear. Look for signs of a separated tire. Pay attention to how the tires ride.While every part that makes up your vehicle is important, some are more important than others — including the tires. Since tires also can be quite expensive and are essential to your safety while driving, you want to take care of them as best you can. Many people don’t think about tire maintenance, instead waiting until the “low air” tire sensor or another person tells them a tire is low. By then, you already could have done some damage to the tires.


One of the most important steps in tire maintenance is ensuring that every tire is properly inflated. If tires have too much air, the center will wear sooner than the outside edges. You also will have less rubber contacting the road, which makes driving in slick conditions, including rain, that much more dangerous.

If the tire pressure is too low, the outside edges will wear faster. You also have some handling problems with low tires. Always check the tire pressure visually before you drive the vehicle, or after it sits for a couple of hours. Check it with an air pressure gauge at least monthly, too. You can find the recommended tire pressure on the sidewall of the tire, or on the sticker on the driver’s doorjamb.


Hitting potholes or bumping the curb hard enough could knock your vehicle out of alignment. You should have the alignment checked at least once per year. If you know you hit a pothole or curb hard enough, however, have the alignment checked as soon as possible. Other actions that could affect the alignment include driving over gravel roads that are particularly bumpy or even a rough railroad track crossing.


Wear and Tear

Even when you keep tires properly inflated, you’re going to get some wear and tear — and tires seldom wear evenly. You might have one front tire that seems to wear faster than the others. To keep the tire wear even, rotate the tires every six months or at intervals of 10,000 to 12,000 miles.

Tire Inspection


  • Shaking in the steering wheel at a certain speed — usually between 55 and 75 mph — indicates that the tires are not properly balanced. Balance the tires as soon as possible, as an unbalanced tire could wear faster.
  • Shaking at slower speeds indicates that you may have a separated tire. Tires are made of rubber layers that are glued together. In many cases, a bubble will appear on the sidewall, indicating that the layers are separating.
  • Check the depth of the tread, which in the U.S. is measured in 32nds of an inch. If the depth is approaching 2/32 of an inch, it’s time to replace the tires. Instead of trying to measure the tread with a ruler, stick a quarter in the tread. If the tread does not reach the top of Washington’s head, it’s time to replace the tires. You also can look for the wear indicators, which are squares of rubber located between the tread on the tires. If the tread is even close to the wear indicators, it’s time for new tires.


Replacing Tires

If you have a tire damaged to the point that you must replace it, yet the other tires still have plenty of life left, be sure to use the same size and type of tire. When possible, it’s better to replace all four tires at the same time. If you just spent hundreds on a set of tires a month or three ago, however, you can replace only the damaged tire.

The Importance of Tire Maintenance

Keep your family and yourself safe by checking your vehicle’s tires often. Watch for balancing, separation and tread issues. When you have the tires rotated, ask the technician to balance them, too. In most cases, they will, but don’t assume it will be done. Keeping an eye on your vehicle’s tires allows you to see minor issues before they become major issues, while also helping you extend the life of the tires.


Ryan Holtzer is Chief Executive Officer of Tires By Web, a leading tire and wheel e-commerce company. Before joining Tires By Web in 2004, he completed General Electric’s Financial Management Program and has served as a Black Belt in GE’s Six Sigma Initiative.





EBAY New Car Smell Standridge Auto Parts

Smell of a New Car- Fun Facts

Smell of a New Car

Did you know the smell of a New Car is actually added by the Car Manufacturers at the end of the Manufacturing.

NEW CAR SMELLS Standridge Auto Parts Quality Used Auto Parts


Have you ever experienced that sweet smell of a new car? That “New Car smell” is romanticized and beloved by many people. In fact, it is so desired that there is even a air freshener that is scented as the “New Car Smell.”  The smell is a combination of more than 50 volatile organic compounds added after manufacturing.

Science behind it:

The new car smell is actually a variety of smells that are mixed together. A combination is more than 50 volatile organic compounds . They somewhat vary from car to car depending on the materials used in the car.  The smell results from the release, or “offgassing/outgassing,” of various volatile organic compounds. Due to low boiling points, these compounds release large numbers of molecules into the surrounding air under normal circumstances (like room temperature). VOCs aren’t always inherently bad for you, such as many naturally occurring types, but many man-made VOCs are known to cause various health issues.


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PROUD LEGACY – Locator Upfront – Fall 2015

Source: PROUD LEGACY – Locator Upfront – Fall 2015

There are 15 auto recycling facilities in Cleveland County, North Carolina. But Standridge Auto Parts in Shelby, N.C. stands out as something special. In a male-dominated industry, it’s a facility run by three women. Not only are the sisters – Jody Standridge, Deedra Dimsdale and Stacey Walker – the second-generation in this business, they are continuing a legacy started by their father, Billy Standridge, a NASCAR driver and car enthusiast who died after a sudden, swift battle with cancer.

“Our father was diagnosed in March and passed away in April 2014,” said Jody. “We had just six weeks while he was sick to plan for the future, and hit the ground running. Deedra and I were already involved in the business. Stacey has a business with her husband building custom cabinets, so she had to come over to help.”

“Now I’m here two to three times a week,” added Stacey, co-owner and CEO. “Jody’s here five days and Deedra’s here six.” Jody is co-owner and serves as marketing manager. Deedra is co-owner and office manager.

Founded in 1972, Standridge Auto Parts was the original Standridge family business. Billy went on to have others, including a scrap yard and self-service facility in Rock Hill, S.C., and another yard in Winston Salem, N.C. He left the original business to his three daughters. It’s a place filled with memories for them. After all, the girls grew up here and lived on the property; Jody and Deedra still do.

Not only did Billy have a passion for cars, he loved racing. “He would race lawn mowers for fun,” according to the Standridge website. In the late 1970’s, Billy began racing stock cars, a sport that formed the backdrop for his daughters’ childhood.

“For so many years though, mom and dad used to sneak us into the race track,” wrote Stacey in an online blog tribute to her father. “We would hide under blankets or whatever we could find in the back of the car at the time; rules were, you had to be over 16 to be allowed in the pit area. Once in the pit area we would have to hide out in the race truck all day.”

NASCAR is a natural fit for an auto recycler. “You have a lot of young guys that have a body shop and build a race car on the side,” explained Stacey. “My dad knew about parts and knew how to make a car go fast. Because he was so successful, he moved up to the next level, and the next. He raced in the NASCAR Busch Series in his Pontiac, and in the Winston Cup.” Billy became known as both a competitive driver and a solid businessman. The checkered flag, the company logo, is a nod toward that NASCAR connection.

Things have changed a bit since Billy’s passing. “We were doing some mechanic work but we’re not anymore,” stated Stacey, who explained that they couldn’t focus both on that and auto recycling. “Also, the yard in South Carolina wasn’t giving us a lot of business anymore, so we had to build our business. We joined the Chamber of Commerce to get some visibility. And Jody goes out every Wednesday, and visits body shops and mechanics throughout the area and in surrounding counties, including old customers.”

“A lot of customers that I’ll visit will assume that since he passed away, the business went, too,” admitted Jody who visited 200 customers last year. “I remind them that we’re here, and that our focus is delivering quality parts on time. Just my going out as an owner shows them that we care.”

Stacey, Jody and Deedra take the time to source quality parts. Everything is tested on a car before it’s dismantled. The business is also customer responsive; it delivers about an hour away, either same day or next day.

As for being women in a traditionally male-dominated field, Jody feels it is an advantage because they do stand out. “I consider us to be young women with a small business,” said Jody. “We’re working hard on making connections, trying to get our name out there, and to provide good customer service. That’s what is going to keep customers coming back.”

Source: PROUD LEGACY – Locator Upfront – Fall 2015