70 Best Auto Blogs to Follow In 2018

Proud to say we made the  70 Best Auto Blogs to Follow In 2018 Check out the Website Below   https://www.partcatalog.com/best-auto-blogs-to-follow

5 best car detailing products

5 best car detailing products Your car is a gift that you purchase for yourself. With utmost care, you ensure that it stays in top form for the next few years at least. Thankfully in today’s technologically advanced world, there are many products which help us in maintaining it and make it look as good […]

4 Traits Of Successful Car Owners

4 Traits Of Successful Car Owners  Owning a car is a more complex concept than most of us really recognize. Sure, if you’re an adult and you’ve had vehicles before you’re probably in a little bit of a groove, so to speak. But if it’s your first time owning a car, or your first time […]

How to check your brakes 

Have you Checked your Car’s Brakes and Pads? I have……. Proper brakes and pads can not only damage your vehicle but could also be critical for your safety as a driver or your passengers.  Your brakes are what enable you to stop. If you cannot stop your car it could be very dangerous. It’s very […]

The Life Of A Recycled Tire

The Life Of A Recycled Tire Nothing lasts forever, but old tires come close. With nearly 300 million tires being discarded in the United States every year, scrap tires were once a common element of landfills. However, because scrap tires can take more than 80 years to break down in some cases, throwing them into […]

Antique Automobiles

Like most salvage yards, Standridge Auto Parts has a good variety of late model vehicles and their newest vehicles can be found on their website. In a recent tour of their yard, I found they also have a great assortment of vehicles that are getting a bit more uncommon to find. Below is just a portion of less common […]


6 BENEFITS OF CAR TINT (INFOGRAPHIC) After you bought a new car, you might be thinking about getting some additional upgrades to add more personality to your car, such as installing hip fenders and rims or even repaint your car on the color of your choosing. But aside from these, another upgrade that does not […]

The Ultimate Guide to Reading Tire Tread

Despite relying on our cars every day to get from point A to point B, we rarely pay attention to telltale signs of hazardous wear and tear. The tires take the brunt of the work when we travel, which means you should pay extra attention to the tread and inflation levels. Avoid dangerous situations by […]

Why You Should Consider Automotive Window Film

Why You Should Consider Automotive Window Film   Why You Should Consider Automotive Window Film   Have you been considering getting automotive window film for your car? Tinting your windows can give your car a more modern and stylish look. That’s not the only reason to consider investing in window tinting, however. While adding style […]