5 best car detailing products

5 best car detailing products

Your car is a gift that you purchase for yourself. With utmost care, you ensure that it stays in top form for the next few years at least. Thankfully in today’s technologically advanced world, there are many products which help us in maintaining it and make it look as good as new. Let us have a look at the 5 best car detailing products and how best to use them.

· Car wash soaps and shampoos– When you travel in your car regularly it is for sure going to attract all kinds of dirt and mud to it. Hence, arises the need to clean it with an appropriate soap or shampoo at least once or twice a week. Most of the products available in the category are designed to achieve the maximum amount of suds. This ensures that you provide a neutral and gentle wash to your dear vehicle. The use of a car shampoo also guarantees zero residual and once done the car looks ready to rule the roads again.

· Car wax– Another way to ensure that the beauty of your vehicle stays intact is to wax your own vehicle. Pretty easy to use even a normal guy can use a car wax and get back the same shine that was there earlier. Just one application of car wax is enough to ensure that the car appears clean and devoid of any marks or blemishes. Moreover, if you have just got your car repainted applying a car wax makes sure that the paint does not fade away soon.

· Car vacuum– Often your car is home to small pieces of dirt which get trapped in the upholstery causing discomfort for you. To get these pieces out ideally you should purchase a cordless vacuum for use. The ones available in the market are lightweight and can hold a charge for nearly 18 months. A dirt bowl is provided which shows you how much of your car has been cleaned till now. There is a slim nozzle which you can rotate around and ensure that the car is cleaned from all corners.

· Clay bars– If you need in-depth cleaning of your car surface then a clay bar is what you need to focus your energy on. The clay bars have the capacity to remove materials which have sunk into the car and are difficult to remove. What makes them successful is that they do not damage the paint of your car. Once you have used a clay bar the surface of your car seems as smooth as glass and after that, you can ideally get the car waxed for better results.

· Pressure washers– To avoid the hassle of carrying your bucket and mug everywhere it is better you buy a pressure washer for cleaning the car. With a big extension wand, you can make it reach even those parts which you consider as inaccessible. Most of the pressure washers have a tip selector and dual cleaning tank which are going to make the cleaning work much easy for you.

While these are just a few cars detailing products available in the market you must choose the brand with care. Always read through the reviews so that you do not feel cheated upon not receiving the kind of results you expected. A regular usage of these products and your car looks shining and beautiful as it was on its first day.