The History on the Chevy

The History on the Chevrolet

A few interesting facts on the Chevrolet there’s even some History with a Mystery. Check it out…… 2012-culture-history-chevrolet-centennial-mh-1_1280x551 chevrolet-04

Did you know :

  • Chevrolet’s 6-cylinder overhead-valve engine was introduced in 1929
  • The first Chevrolet Corvette was introduced in 1953
  • The first Chevrolet was the series C Classic Six
  • Chevrolet has won more NHRA pro stock manufacturers cups than any other brand
  • The Chevrolet Suburban is the longest running automotive nameplate in history
  • The first Chevrolet was sold for $2,150
  • The Chevrolet ‘Bowtie’ can be seen on roads in over 130 countries
  • First company to make built in 4g LTE WI-FI available in its vehicles
  • Chevrolet was one of the first car makers to manufacture SUVS
  • Independent front-suspensions were introduced in the Chevrolet Master Series in 1934
  • The 1953 Corvette sported a fiberglass body
  • The first low-price American car makers to offer automatic transmission was Chevrolet
  • In 106 years, gm has produced more than 500 million vehicles.
  • Chevrolet corvette has won the “24 hours of Le Mans” seven times
  • Chevrolet is the record holder for the most NASCAR victories
  • In 2010, Chevrolet sold a vehicle every 7.4 seconds
  • Chevrolet is the fourth biggest automobile brand in sales
  • Chevrolets are on the road in 2/3 of the world

The History with a Mystery: The Chevrolet Bowtie

Inspired by wallpaper in a French hotel?

 According to The Chevrolet Story of 1961, an official company publication issued in celebration of Chevrolet’s 50th anniversary: “It originated in Durant’s imagination when, as a world traveler in 1908, he saw the pattern marching off into infinity as a design on wallpaper in a French hotel. He tore off a piece of the wallpaper and kept it to show friends, with the thought that it would make a good nameplate for a car.”

 Or was it a dinner-table sketch?

In 1929, Durant’s daughter, Margery, published a book entitled, My Father. In it, she described how Durant sometimes doodled nameplate designs on pieces of paper at the dinner table: “I think it was between the soup and the fried chicken one night that he sketched out the design that is used on the Chevrolet car to this day.”

Was it borrowed from a newspaper ad?

More than half a century later, another bowtie origin story was recounted in a 1986 issue of Chevrolet Pro Management Magazine, based on a 13-year-old interview with Durant’s widow, Catherine. She recalled how she and her husband were on holiday in Hot Springs, Virginia, in 1912. While reading a newspaper in their hotel room, Durant spotted a design and exclaimed, “I think this would be a very good emblem for the Chevrolet.” Unfortunately, at the time, Mrs. Durant didn’t clarify what the motif was or how it was used.

 The Swiss flag theory.

One other explanation attributes the design to a stylized version of the cross of the Swiss flag. Louis Chevrolet was born in Switzerland at La Chaux-de-Fonds, Canton of Neuchâtel, to French parents on Christmas Day 1878.

Whichever origin is true, within a few years, the bowtie would emerge as the definitive Chevrolet logo. An October 2, 1913, edition of The Washington Post seems to be the earliest-known example of the symbol being used to advertise the brand. “Look for this nameplate” the ad proclaims above the emblem. Customers the world over have been doing so ever since.

Today’s bowtie: a gold standard.

Many variations in coloring and detail of the Chevrolet bowtie have come and gone over the decades since its introduction in late 1913, but the essential shape has never changed. In 2004, Chevrolet began to phase in the gold bowtie that today serves as the brand identity for all of its cars and trucks marketed globally.

 And there you have it a History with a Mystery


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